» Politics involving the youth.

Well, it turned out not pretty well for me, last night I was online on twitter and I witnessed how rude of them they was. They were all bashing Nancy Binay. Well, I don’t know her but pretty sure there’s a reason why she wanted to go directly to senate without any political experience. And all those bashing her were non-registered youth that only want to follow trends. I mean, I know, we have the freedom of speech and all of that, but I hope there’s still respect. We can state our opinions to those politicians based on our observations, but not to the point that we’re crossing the line. Come on, We - youth, barely know anything about the freakin’ politicians and politics.

Oh yeah, there’s this one thing disappoints me also, that filipinos have the dirtiest mind. We made it to trend #IpasokSiDick worldwide. How amazing was that?! HAHAHA. How could you.. ugh. I know its funny, hornyveros, youchizz, jackulenrile, and all of that stuffs, cause I admit it, I have a dirty mind. But guys, hope you know that all of that things are still green stuffs that you made trend on twitter. Are you proud that we all filipinos be known for those kind of things? Okay, just sayin’. xx

#politics #halalan2013

» So yea, its been months.

LOL, its hard to manage 3 tumblr accounts. So I’m visiting them irregularly, ‘cause you know, some days are just lazy. Like right now, I was suppose to review now but hell yea, the weather makes me lazy as fuck. So nothing happened so much to me today.

Taghirap sa papel eh, tissue muna

astig ng e-cig ni kuya XD Naunahan ko pa si kuya ipost sa ig LOL

Pano to????